The idea behind project FASHION REVOLUTION is to increase public awareness in Slovakia and Czech Republic on the subject of child abuse in the fashion industry in countries of Middle and Far East while working in inhuman conditions. Our company would like to help children who live in such a difficult situations. We joined with the Czech and Slovak Republic the worldwide campaign named FASHION REVOLUTION, which aims to get into the public awareness this current world problem. The goal of the campaign is to support domestic manufacturers in Slovakia and Czech Republic in the clothing sector. We want to point out that products manufactured in our country give a guarantee of product creation in human conditions and by its purchasing we support people who responsibly educate the next generation. Finally, the collected funds will support young talented artists and fashion designers from Slovakia and Czech Republic in the form of support and development of their creativity by funding their projects etc.

Symbol of JITKA KLETT for FASHION REVOLUTION is perfume Fashion Revolution and memory games. These can be purchased in projects organized by Citizens association of Jitka Klett or Endowment fund of Jitka Klett, also at points of sale of the fashion brand JITKA KLETT PRG all around the world and in fashion studios of Jitka Klett in Košice and Prague.

Money collected from the sale of perfumes are used to achieve the above mentioned objectives.